Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Driver in Mumbai with police clearance certificate

Mr and Mrs Singh were in the search for a driver since a long time now, but they weren’t that successful at it they had already tried a few driver agency's but were not satisfied with thier services. During one of these days, Mr Singh had just came back home from office and Mrs came to him to inquire about the whole driver deal.

Mrs Singh : "So honey, did you manage to find a suitable driver for us yet ?"
Mr Singh : "No, not yet I have been asking around a lot lately, I asked our guard a couple of times to check if he knew someone".
" What you asked the watchman? why ? what if he gets someone who is a criminal? How will we know of the background of the person who might be entering our house our family? Also you know the society has made it compulsory to provide police clearance certificate for the driver."
" Then you only tell me what i need to do so that it would satisfy you?"
" Find a agency that gives police clearance certification to its drivers. That way atleast we will know if the person we are employing has a dark history or not."
" Fine I will check it out tomorrow, Are you happy now Dear ?"
"Yes "

The Next Day Evening:
" Did you find any agency?"
" Yes These is one company named saaarthi household that provide's personal driver in mumbai and they also do a police clearance certification for the driver."
"Ohhh, that’s wonderful ! Let’s check it out now itself !"

SAAARTHI Household Solutions Does Complete background verification and police clearance certification for all domestic help hired via saaarthi.

Vinay Finally Decided to Hire a Car Driver

Vinay is a bright young guy who works for a financial firm. He drives himself to work everyday. It takes him an hour and a half to reach to his workplace from his home. He used to end up getting stuck in the traffic to and fro from work as his job timings coincided with the peak hours of traffic, and it used to take him at times three hours to just reach his destination. 

This affected his productivity a lot as he was always stressed and tired by the time he reached his office in lower parel.

He used to get late for work and if he had to take his work to home to be done there, he couldn’t reach there on the planned time either, which left him stressed out about the pending work load.

Then he thought this could be avoided if he had a driver of his own who could drive him around to work and then back home, during which he could get his work done in the car itself.

Once he had decided on hiring a personal car driver he checked out a lot of driver service agency in mumbai but zeroed in on Saaarthi as it was the only driver hire service agency that was providing him a complete solution for his car by helping him get insurance, doorstep car spa among other services.

Reduce Stress hire a Permanent Driver

Stress if not managed properly leads to defects in  control, coordination and efficiency as a whole. Stress leads to hundreds of psychological and neurological disturbances, which turns visible in our behaviour. One of the defective aspects of disturbed behaviour is accident proneness. The mismanaged stress, has an effect on a person’s driving capability which leads to accidents on the road.

Excessive increase in number of vehicles on the roads leads to congestion which subsequently ends up causing heavy traffic. Along with that the messed up conditions of roads causes even more stress for the driver, which leads him to get irritated. Then there is the noise pollution that is created by all the vehicles, which adds up to the distress the driver has to face. 

Even the gases released by all the cars stuck in traffic have an effect on the drivers, it causes great discomfort and in some cases respiratory problems. All this leads the driver to a state of road rage at times, where they end up quarreling or bumping into each others vehicles, which at times end up into grave accidents. The traffic jams has an adverse effect on the productivity and performance of the drivers as they are made to go through all the stress mentioned earlier. With all these conditions a driver has to face it is quite evident that the stress caused by it could very much lead to accidents and which is visible every day on the roads in our city.

A solution to this problem is to hire a personal driver for our daily requirements.

SAAARTHI HOUSEHOLD SOLUTIONS helps you hire the best driver in mumbai who is trained in stress management and road safety. 

Gift yourself a personal driver and reduce stress

Ramesh is a guy who used to work for 10-11 hours at a corporate firm. And after spending so much time at work, by the time he used to reach home he used to be pretty tired to do anything else.  His wife who was a Housewife used to always complain that he never took her and the children out anywhere and all Ramesh ever intended to do after such a long day at work was to go home and have a good rest. 

He just couldn’t drive them around to places after being so worn out having driven the car himself for such a long time after being there in the office. But then he didn’t wish to annoy his wife and children. So he decided to look up saaarthi’s website and he booked a personal driver according to his specifications. 

This way he was able to take his family out without driving himself, but take a nap while they reached their destination. In this manner Ramesh as well as his family ended up getting what they wanted.

SAAARTHI provides you driver on hire based on your personal requirements which prevents you from wasting time on having to check various profiles call up multiple candidates and then shortlist candidates. 

Why Mr. Raj Hired a personal driver??

Mr. Raj is the CEO of a firm who drives himself to work everyday. One such day on his way to work he got stuck in a heavy traffic. The traffic was at stand still for a long time and this was getting him irritated. He was stuck in traffic for more than an hour that day and just thought of how much work he could have completed if he had just hired a private driver for himself.

The constant honking of vehicles around him wasn’t helping in any manner. He was stuck in that state for quite a time. In that period he even got into an argument with a motorist who was trying to overtake him and this just fouled his state of mind even more.

By the time he finally reached his office he was in a state of anger and distress. He had a meeting
scheduled with a client as soon as he entered the office.

The meeting didn’t go well as he was still in that foul mood and couldn’t concentrate on his task, this he thought could have been avoided if he had a personal driver who could have dealt with such traffic
situations himself and by which he could avoid such a scenario from happening again. So he called up saaarthi and got himself a personal driver from the pilot services offered by them.

Saaarthi is a household solutions provider that helps people get full time driver on hire in mumbai.

The Need to Hire a driver in mumbai

A DGM manager was driving himself to a business meeting that was scheduled at Thane, later on he had to attend another meeting which was scheduled at Nariman point. Because of the constant traveling he had to do for his work, he preferred to travel by his car and he used to drive it himself. 

Now on his way to the first meeting he gets a call from his office saying that he has another meeting to attend and it is to happen at Andheri, and this gets him stressed. He already had planned it all out in his mind and this newdevelopment wasn’t fitting in the whole plan. Now he had to attend three meetings at three different locations and he had to drive to these places on his own. Once he was done driving to each of these places he had to do a presentation, talk to people in a pleasant and convincing manner so as to get the deals done. 

Now this he knew was going to be a problem considering that he would be so worn out because of all the driving he would have to do to reach to each of these places. At this point he wished if he had some one else with him who could drive him to these places, so that he could rest during the journey and save up some energy for the business meetings he had to attend. Some one he could rely on and with whom he could feel secure.

What he Needed was to hire a driver , and thus he contacted saaarthi to hire a PCC holding driver in mumbai

SAAARTHI helps people hire police verified and trained driver in mumbai, navi mumbai and thane.