Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Why Mr. Raj Hired a personal driver??

Mr. Raj is the CEO of a firm who drives himself to work everyday. One such day on his way to work he got stuck in a heavy traffic. The traffic was at stand still for a long time and this was getting him irritated. He was stuck in traffic for more than an hour that day and just thought of how much work he could have completed if he had just hired a private driver for himself.

The constant honking of vehicles around him wasn’t helping in any manner. He was stuck in that state for quite a time. In that period he even got into an argument with a motorist who was trying to overtake him and this just fouled his state of mind even more.

By the time he finally reached his office he was in a state of anger and distress. He had a meeting
scheduled with a client as soon as he entered the office.

The meeting didn’t go well as he was still in that foul mood and couldn’t concentrate on his task, this he thought could have been avoided if he had a personal driver who could have dealt with such traffic
situations himself and by which he could avoid such a scenario from happening again. So he called up saaarthi and got himself a personal driver from the pilot services offered by them.

Saaarthi is a household solutions provider that helps people get full time driver on hire in mumbai.

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