Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Gift yourself a personal driver and reduce stress

Ramesh is a guy who used to work for 10-11 hours at a corporate firm. And after spending so much time at work, by the time he used to reach home he used to be pretty tired to do anything else.  His wife who was a Housewife used to always complain that he never took her and the children out anywhere and all Ramesh ever intended to do after such a long day at work was to go home and have a good rest. 

He just couldn’t drive them around to places after being so worn out having driven the car himself for such a long time after being there in the office. But then he didn’t wish to annoy his wife and children. So he decided to look up saaarthi’s website and he booked a personal driver according to his specifications. 

This way he was able to take his family out without driving himself, but take a nap while they reached their destination. In this manner Ramesh as well as his family ended up getting what they wanted.

SAAARTHI provides you driver on hire based on your personal requirements which prevents you from wasting time on having to check various profiles call up multiple candidates and then shortlist candidates. 

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