Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Need to Hire a driver in mumbai

A DGM manager was driving himself to a business meeting that was scheduled at Thane, later on he had to attend another meeting which was scheduled at Nariman point. Because of the constant traveling he had to do for his work, he preferred to travel by his car and he used to drive it himself. 

Now on his way to the first meeting he gets a call from his office saying that he has another meeting to attend and it is to happen at Andheri, and this gets him stressed. He already had planned it all out in his mind and this newdevelopment wasn’t fitting in the whole plan. Now he had to attend three meetings at three different locations and he had to drive to these places on his own. Once he was done driving to each of these places he had to do a presentation, talk to people in a pleasant and convincing manner so as to get the deals done. 

Now this he knew was going to be a problem considering that he would be so worn out because of all the driving he would have to do to reach to each of these places. At this point he wished if he had some one else with him who could drive him to these places, so that he could rest during the journey and save up some energy for the business meetings he had to attend. Some one he could rely on and with whom he could feel secure.

What he Needed was to hire a driver , and thus he contacted saaarthi to hire a PCC holding driver in mumbai

SAAARTHI helps people hire police verified and trained driver in mumbai, navi mumbai and thane.

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