Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Driver in Mumbai with police clearance certificate

Mr and Mrs Singh were in the search for a driver since a long time now, but they weren’t that successful at it they had already tried a few driver agency's but were not satisfied with thier services. During one of these days, Mr Singh had just came back home from office and Mrs came to him to inquire about the whole driver deal.

Mrs Singh : "So honey, did you manage to find a suitable driver for us yet ?"
Mr Singh : "No, not yet I have been asking around a lot lately, I asked our guard a couple of times to check if he knew someone".
" What you asked the watchman? why ? what if he gets someone who is a criminal? How will we know of the background of the person who might be entering our house our family? Also you know the society has made it compulsory to provide police clearance certificate for the driver."
" Then you only tell me what i need to do so that it would satisfy you?"
" Find a agency that gives police clearance certification to its drivers. That way atleast we will know if the person we are employing has a dark history or not."
" Fine I will check it out tomorrow, Are you happy now Dear ?"
"Yes "

The Next Day Evening:
" Did you find any agency?"
" Yes These is one company named saaarthi household that provide's personal driver in mumbai and they also do a police clearance certification for the driver."
"Ohhh, that’s wonderful ! Let’s check it out now itself !"

SAAARTHI Household Solutions Does Complete background verification and police clearance certification for all domestic help hired via saaarthi.

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