Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Reduce Stress hire a Permanent Driver

Stress if not managed properly leads to defects in  control, coordination and efficiency as a whole. Stress leads to hundreds of psychological and neurological disturbances, which turns visible in our behaviour. One of the defective aspects of disturbed behaviour is accident proneness. The mismanaged stress, has an effect on a person’s driving capability which leads to accidents on the road.

Excessive increase in number of vehicles on the roads leads to congestion which subsequently ends up causing heavy traffic. Along with that the messed up conditions of roads causes even more stress for the driver, which leads him to get irritated. Then there is the noise pollution that is created by all the vehicles, which adds up to the distress the driver has to face. 

Even the gases released by all the cars stuck in traffic have an effect on the drivers, it causes great discomfort and in some cases respiratory problems. All this leads the driver to a state of road rage at times, where they end up quarreling or bumping into each others vehicles, which at times end up into grave accidents. The traffic jams has an adverse effect on the productivity and performance of the drivers as they are made to go through all the stress mentioned earlier. With all these conditions a driver has to face it is quite evident that the stress caused by it could very much lead to accidents and which is visible every day on the roads in our city.

A solution to this problem is to hire a personal driver for our daily requirements.

SAAARTHI HOUSEHOLD SOLUTIONS helps you hire the best driver in mumbai who is trained in stress management and road safety. 

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